Justin Sprinkles:
A slayer of pixelated pigs, sunflower-planting madman, LEGO connoisseur and Nuka-Cola addict.  Loves sharing the latest quirky gamer item with the world, so opened this slice of cake and slathered it in frosting.  Contact him at Justin @ GameFrosting.com, unless you’re a creeper.

Sean Royal:
Loves first person shooters, RPGs, RTSs,  and when the mood strikes, fourth person shooters. Don’t look into his eyes if you don’t like babies. Wakes up everyday to make new frosting concoctions that add, you guessed it, more frosting to the world. Contact me at Sean @ Gamefrosting.com :)

Furostingu Asaoka:
Start with a few cups of crazy, mix with a pinch of insane, and add in a teaspoon of common-sense. Bake at -200° and let cool for a good year or so. Sounds about right. Highly addictive and addicted to gaming and cupcakes. Contact the Furostingu at Asaoka[@]gamefrosting[dot]com.


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