It’s been over a year since the release of Mass Effect 2, but memories still run strong.  I’ve found some slick ME2 fan art, so I had to share them.  Arrival isn’t far away now, prepare the Normandy for new adventure!  This will be a part 1, so stay tuned for more.  Shepard.

[Mass Effect 2 End Game by WillhelmKranz]

[After the Reaper by ghostfire]

[Miranda & Shepard by patryk-garrett]

[Guardian Angel by RiptideX1090]

[Shepard & Liara by ghostfire]

[Mass Effect Slide Show by E-Mann]

[Subject Zero by axl99]

[Joker & Edi by gobeur]

[Garrus Oil by Sean-D-Omega]

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  1. Amazing! I always wondered what Garrus looked like underneath :D

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