Jenni dazzles us again with her cosplay this time donning the easily recognizable Metroid Gravity Suit.  The Swedish/Japanese girl fascinates us not only with the detailed suits, but also taking pictures that give us chills. No seriously, she’s in the snow and it looks freezing!  Check out her recent set below and you’re sure to agree. [Source: PixelNinja]

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3 Responses to Samus Cosplay Gravity Defying

  1. Furostingu Asaoka says:

    I think I just wet myself. Loove me some Samus.

  2. Alex L says:

    Great costume! But if there’s one important thing I’ve taken away from this post, and other posts featuring this cosplayer, it’s that we need to interbreed the Japanese and the Swedes on a mass scale..

  3. TJ says:

    Can we Date?

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