Live out your dream of being Commander Shepard with this set of cosplay Mass Effect N7 Armor. Sadly the helmet does seem to be missing, however for $650 dollars you’ll have one incredible Halloween Costume.  Or design your apartment as the deck of SSV Normandy, talking to your cats like they are crew-members: “You still sassin’ me soldier?” [Source: Ebay]

Constructed from lightweight and durable EVA Foam. Never worn and brand new. This auction includes all parts shown in the photos. Costume includes the Chest, cod piece, back, shoulders, biceps, forearms, gloves and belt. (entire Torso)  It has extra long adjustable Velcro and Nylon strapping on the shoulders, sides and belt so it can fit most any size. LED lighting runs on 3 AA batteries (included) and has an easy to access on/off switch located on the back of the suit.

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10 Responses to Wear Mass Effect N7 Armor

  1. George says:

    WOW this beats the crap out of what i was making do you think you could make some instructions on how you maid it pleas … O and if you make step by step videos on how you did this i know at least 20 people that will subscribe

  2. Nightmare says:

    As awesome and realistic this look I find it too expensive for not being the comeplete costume, other than that I never though I see such a real one.

    • George says:

      yes it is a little on the pricey side but the only thing it is missing is the helmet witch you can make “if” you have the PDO of the N7 armor …. and i do … But nutting i have made so fare compares with this

  3. john watkins says:

    the guy that made this is actually over at, head over and try to find him.

  4. this is actually horrible. my friend makes armor and it actually looks like it. this looks like a cheap halloween costume from value village.

  5. Joshua says:

    Would i be able to get another suit made? I have been trying but nothing seems to work.

  6. evan harris says:

    hey are you still selling this?

  7. Ice_Fox says:

    oh it did go through. oops.

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